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tv   KRON 4 Early News  KRON  February 22, 2013 4:00am-6:00am PST

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[ cheers and applause ] ♪ >> a huge thank you to all of our award recipients today, the doctor's orders in a bit. but first here's what's coming up on dr. phil. >> is she the helicopter mom? >> do you their homework. >> i know, they can't fail. i can't stand it. >> it's about you, not about him! >> so, thanks to each and
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every one of you for being here today, for inspiring us, if you missed anything in today's show or you want to nominate someone, go to for the next awards show. i said i was going to do doctor's orders but i will propose a toast to all of you award winners. raise your glasses, this is to your work, determinination, character, your perseverance, creativity, for everything that you do, cheers! >> cheers! >> cheers! we salute all of you. [ crowd cheering ] [ applause ] >> and to everyone's health, thank you so much for tuning in! [ crowd cheering ] [ applause ] >> we look forward to seeing you next time! [ crowd cheering ] [ applause ] ♪
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>> (male announcer): live from the bay area this is the kron 4 morning news. kron 4 news at 4--4 starts now. >> coming up on the kron 4 morning news a crane collapsed delays on the new bay bridge span. >> the bail hearing for olympics sprinter of oscar pistorius is now in its fourth day. we should know within the hour how the judge will rule. >> and gas prices continue to climb every day. we will look at where they're now on how high they might get up. >> we do anticipate sunny conditions mild weather as we head into the afternoon. tomorrow i want to focus on that. we have the potential to see rain in the north bay. >> i will walk you through what we are expecting in a bit. >> looking ahead, stable
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weather continues in the bay area. we could see upper 60s heading into the middle of next week. >> here is a look get your numbers. just above the freezing mark in vallejo. 37 in santa rosa and napa. 41 in oakland. >> into the afternoon plenty of 60s. >> temperatures will be warmer compared to yesterday's. richmond 62. a high of 63 in concord. low 60s down the 88 the road corridor. 62 in redwood city. >> satellite and radar pictures shows the system right now entering the pacific northwest. this will sag south. as of now any moisture with the system will stay to our north and east. we could see isolated slow showers in tahoe and light rain and the north bay. >> the rest of us should be dry. the cold front will allow temperatures to drop expect cooler conditions
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into saturday afternoon. >> beyond that stabled whether mild weather and plenty of sunshine to go around. >> your kron 4 7 day around the bay forecast highlights a gradual warming trend. tinters biking in the upper 60s as we head into next>> mored forecast in my next report. >> taking a look at traffic. i want to start off with the bridges. >> the approach the bay bridge toll plaza doing fine. we do have overnight road work it is not producing any slowdowns. >> the san mateo bridge is good to go. a typical commute. the drive 12-13 minutes. >> south bound 101 problem free a handful of cars made their way into san francisco. james. >> thank you erica. crews this morning are working on cleaning up the mangled metal outlet behind after a crane involved in work on the new bay bridge collapsed. this is video from a helicopter partnership with abc seven
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news. you can see workers working to tear down the crane. the crane was on a barge underneath the new span when it fell around noon yesterday. it was helping to remove the temporary support structure and was holding a piece of the structure at the time. >> the piece of work that was involved in taking to the bay bridge construction campus. the two cranes that are out there now were part of the process are being secured and the investigation will take its natural course to find out what happened. >> at this point it does not appear as though the new span was damaged on the crane collapsed. but construction officials will want to confirm that as a part of their investigation. the new bridge is still expected to open over the labor day weekend. >> today marks the 36th consecutive day gas prices have gone up and there does not appear to be in end in sight. >> kron fours alecia reid check out a few stations. he
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tells us how much the average jumped in just last week. >> $4.45 at chevron. >> or $4.25 at shell. >> whatever the choice and gas station everyone is paying more at the pump. driver's and the bay area are paying almost 50¢ more per gallon than last month. >> since last week stations in oakland went from an average of $3.98 to $4.12. >> in san francisco a jump from $4.60 to $4.20. >> we are going to pay what ever they charge. because we're not going to give up driving. >> $20 to get me a quarter of a tank. i am not getting that anymore. i will be riding my bike soon. i cannot handle this. >> is a big adjustment. >> it is pretty
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uncomfortable feeling having to dump a lot of money into the tank. i wish i had a hybrid. >> nearly more than 50¢ it has gone up in two weeks. the question is what is going on?. >> aaa expecspeculates part of the reason is converting to winter blend for summer glenn. >> crude oil is higher. when is it expected to go down. right now there is no answer. >> alecia reid kron 4 news. >> the cost curve pistorius murder case when a tool for their with prosecutors making a final effort to keep the olympic athlete in jail. this comes after the lead investigator was
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removed from the case. >> ed puyne has the story. >> despite the allegations the south african commissioner praised his work on the murder case. >> i think in terms of this hearing he has presented the case of the police work. >> the charges against the police is a noble hurdle as the prosecution tries to keep the charges pre meditated murder of his girlfriend. >> i pistorius appeared in motionless as he sat in the courtroom. his local says he is still shocked. >> i do not expect him to get over it even sooner.
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>> i am of ed payne reporting. we will take a break at 4:06. here a look at the western span of the break at 4:06. here a look at the western span of the thyou eat weiyou lose it's a great plan... until you get hungry. that's the time to take slimful. one tasty 90-calorie slimful and a glass of water satisfies hunger for hours making it easier to eat smaller meals, and resist snacking. your friends might think you found the secret to losing weight. but it's no secret... it's slimful. eating less is a beautiful thing.
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>> 4:09 is the time. the lawsuit against disgraced cycle is lance armstrong could be growing. the head of the u.s. anti doping agency, is asking the justice department to join a whistleblowing lawsuit against armstrong. the suit was filed by his former teammate floyd landis . armstrong is accused of committing fraud against the u.s. postal service, which sponsored his team while armstrong was using performance enhancing drugs to win the tour de france. the jus a provision to announce whether it will join the case. >> the majority of americans
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believe it is time to allow marriage between same-sex couples. >> there you see laura bush voiced support for same-sex marriage but says, she does not want to be used in this ad campaign. the former first lady has asked the respect for marriage coalition to take her out of its tv ad. among those also in the as former vice president dick cheney and former secretary of state: paulo. >> taking a look outside-- colin powell. >> it should warm up to the low 60s and hayward this afternoon. erica will have a full look at your forecast. we will see what it will be likely today and what we can expect this weekend.
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>> we are back at 4:12.
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>> a winter's storms blasting the central u.s. again. the last thing people give more bad weather. residents in 20 states are taking another hit. and as kron fours katharine heenan shows us is knowing even in the desert. >> you do not see this every day or almost any day for that matter. snow in tucson, arizona. st. louis officials are warning people to prepare for the worst. >> the biggest problem is a storm is coming with a vengeance. it does not look like much now but when it starts to call it will cover up quickly our visibility will go away. the important part is to hunker down somewhere. >> like having cancer across the midwest. leaving some people with an unplanned state in a snowing state. >> about 60 million people across 750,000 square miles
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are living under storm watches and warnings. scores of snow plows and saw trucks are ready to clear roads. st. louis mayor says the snow itself is not the biggest threat. >> my biggest concern is the worst-case scenario there would be a major ice storm and lengthy and widespread power outages. >> the only potential upside drought relief for bone dry states like nebraska, kansas, and oklahoma. a silver lining a cold comfort on a day like this. >> heavy snow as we heard in that story causing big problems for some airports in the midwest. kansas city included where flight 7 cancelled. united airlines is offering to change lies ahead of the storm. light we're not seeing too much of an impact at bay area airports. as the updated flight status is coming in will let you know if any cancelled flights are here as well. >> us over to the the what
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the department. erica is keeping an eye on the weather. >> this is what is left of the storm that was impacting the entire midsection of the country namely the heartland. we saw winter weather advisories. official storm warnings judging from arizona all the way toward virginia. >> what is left is in portions of michigan. we are seeing wet weather in some of the dakotas. the blue on your screen indicates stovall we're not talking too much. maybe 1-2 in.. >> the mission and peninsula said they could see 5 in. of snow. >> the green and yellow indicates where it is warmer in the area. around the southern half of the country we are dealing with thunderstorms some moderate to heavy rain in that area of the country. >> we did not expect the widespread problems like yesterday when the storm was in the midsection of the
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country. this is something we will continue to monitor especially, if it impacts like. flights. >> livermore 36. 43 in hayward. low '40's and oakland. future cast 4 tracking temperatures. by 12 clock 50s and 60s. it is shaping up to be a warmer day than yesterday. >> afternoon highs we're talking sunny conditions for the daytime hours. later tonight we will experience an increase in cloud cover at the cold front approaches within california. >> temperatures we're talking fifties for most of us could see '40's. temperatures dropping in the livermore valley. breaking down your afternoon highs planted 6 to go around the south bay. 61 for fremont. mountain view 62 expected
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and sunnyvale. >> 64 in walnut creek. 61 for castro valley. 63 for concord and danville. downtown san francisco and the upper 50s. lows '60s for navato 6 the one in berkeley in 56 in daly city. >> satellite and radar picture shows this activity here this cold front approaching the pacific northwest that will sag down and bring light rain to our area. as of now the models are running dry. most moisture will stick to our north and east. there is a potential for a stray sprinkle in the north bay. this will only affect communities north of the golden gate bridge station. >> the rest will experience more in the wake of cloud cover. temperatures will be cooler trend is in into saturday. >> your kron 4 7 day around the bay forecast highlights warmer weather a gradual warming trend as we head into next week.
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>> more details on that important forecast coming up in my next report. >> meantime, traffic center i have checked with the chp no hot spots to talk about. a great start your friday morning. a live look tat the approach to the bay bridge toll plaza. overnight road work in effect. light traffic. we did not see any delays of the incline and across the upper deck. >> the san mateo bridge is good to go no problems getting to the bridge. no delays coming down and it's free way. >> south bound 101, the golden gate bridge to drive 23 minutes from navato the city. >> the east shore freeway 12 minutes from hercules to berkeley. no problems for westbound highway 4. >> southbound 680 moving well to the san ramon valley. green on the sense of south bay freeways. >> 4:18 is the time. a
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fairfield man accused of killing a 13 year-old girl pleaded not guilty. >> anthony lemar jones is being charged with sexual assault and murder. genelle conway-alan body was found in a parking lot at allen would park in fairfield on february 1st. jones will appear in court again later this month. >> a funeral for gennelle conway-ellen was held yesterday. kron fours haazig masyun spoke with the victims' families said they were devastated by her murder. >> full of emotion she could only manage a few words for the praise for border janeiro on this dreadful day. >>--her daughtergennell. >> she made everyone happy. she could sing. >> genelledss so this
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is the said she had dreams of being on stage one day. >> she could draw she coulshe cd so much energy.erybody happy. >> hazig madyun kron 4 news. >> it is the beginning of the end for what is easily the largest homeless encampment in the city of san jose. >> kron fours rob fladboe shows you where and why under to the illegal campers will soon be getting the boot. >> these people will be of
4:23 am
it that they will be asked to leave in their campsite will be cleaned up. >> that means that 100 or so homeless people in some 70 makeshift camps will have to go. the coming action spurred by pressure from rising crime and unsanitary conditions. fueled by fears the unprecedented growth of the camp may be the result of homeless people moving from outside the region. >> this is part of an overall strategy to address the larger problem which is the homeless and our communities facing. we're hoping to move this as a positive way to reinforce access to alternatives. >> 7 a. of city-owned land south of mineta san jose international this is by far the largest of the 60 or so homeless camps around town. these people are and
4:24 am
estimated 7000 homeless and santa clara county. 75 percent which living in and around downtown san jose. the campus will be giving a 72 hour notice. the city will offer temporary housing. and to store their belongings on a temporary basis. >> san jose rob flasboe kron 4 news. >> a quick look in the south bay. this is san jose by 101. it will warm up to the '60s later this afternoon. more with moreback with more headlines in justice minute. --just a
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>>4:24 on the clock. >> oakland mayor jean quan speaking out about the guidelines the oakland a's will have tto fulfill
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it the tent is serious about making the move to santa fe. mayor quan says, the move is still not official in the guidelines for clarification purposes. but if the athletics owners lew wolf is not willing to consider sticking with oakland, others to what the team are .... >> as i said they did not want to stay in oakland people have made offers and are making offers to spend and it is not unlike what is happening in sacramento. there is a group of people with enough money and quite frankly the ability to build a new stadium that want the a's and to stay. >> major league baseball has not formally commented on their to possible state in size. but san jose's mayor
4:28 am
chuck reed says, moving attends san jose should be is a decision. he says, the only question that remains is winner will happen. >> reed says " we have the site, the economics are compelling and eventually it will happen. mayor read also says, his frequent contact with the oakland a's owner lew wolf and that wolf is optimistic. he says he is too. >> now the test report. >> here is a look what may be the next big thing. it is spelled p h e d. it is a web site app. it is coming to the apple the bi platform soon. some technol analysts say it could be the next twitter. the pheed act has climbed up the apple top chart apps. >> this is the social media
4:29 am
platform that combines twitter, facebook and is the gramm. >>instagram. > anyone can have a pjhedd it is like your own channel to broadcast anything you want. >> or you can host audio clips. you composed pictures or text and of course make a comment on anything or anyone else has posted. pheed is different and does not put any restrictions on its media. audio clips could be as long as you want. that is a different approach for video sharing. when other companies are focusing on making apps with video link. >> it is good for celebrities and to broadcast brands. >> pheed is extremely
4:30 am
popular with teenagers. >> according to surveys teenagers are moving from facebook and using other social networks. it is possible teen-agers may make pheed the next facebook. >> i asked them how they're handling their overnight success and if they are surprised how the new coveted teen demographic has chosen them to be the new place on line. >> off the power that a couple of teenagers can have to make something go viral in a way that we could think a celebrity with millions of twitter follows could've done whenever expected anything like this. >> gave slate kron 4 news. >> and double social--gavb be slate kron 4 news-- another social network great. >> we will be right back. @÷
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>> 4:30. is the time your the quick look from our roof camera as we gaze at san francisco. a typical morning. let us cut the latest on your friday forecast with erica. and look at the weekend. hi erica. >> good morning james. take a look here day planner we're waiting up to make cloudy skies. cool, with temperatures and '30's and '40's. this afternoon will be mild and sunny. lows '60s for just about everyone. we're looking forward to some pretty mild weather out there. expected increase in cloud cover however, by later tonight. >> cooler temperatures as we start of your weekend. i will have full details of what to expect coming up in your 7 day around the bay forecast. >> in the meantime looking at the numbers. above the freezing mark in vallejo. that is the cold spots. low '40's on the east bay shoreline. san francisco 46.
4:34 am
'60s for everyone and to the afternoon. 62 livermore. 63 in oakland. 64 your high and napa. >> satellite and radar keeping an eye on the cold front dropping down. it is impacting the pacific northwest now. it will arrive in the bay area later tonight. we will see an increase in cloud cover and pick up sprinkles. >> tomorrow morning there's a slight chance a 10-1 percent chance of rain in the north bay. any moisture can be north of the golden gate bridge. will see cloud cover and cooler temperatures associated with the system. if you're headed to tahoe no chain requirements effect. expect cloudy conditions. your highs will be in the '40's. which is the isolated snow showers early tomorrow morning. due to the cold front will show you on satellite and radar. on the luck for the overnight hours. temperatures getting cold by sunday temperatures
4:35 am
in the single-digit. >> your kron 4 7 day around the bay forecast highlights a bit of in warming trend as we head into next week. you have the full details on what to expect coming up in my next report. >> in the meantime in the traffic center here is the approach to the bay bridge toll plaza not to bad of arrive is still have some overnight construction. your drive time about 10 minutes from the foot of the maize approaching fremont street san francisco. here at the san mateo bridge your good to go. the drive 12 minutes from end to end. >> south bound 101, the golden gate bridge and easy ride coming of the north bay. >> looking at our traffic maps the tells coming in. we're following a fatal accident on east bay shore boulevard in the redwood city east palo alto area. >> redwood city police are responding to the scene of the crime for the fatal accident excuse me. we have
4:36 am
a live reporter headed to the scene and hopefully more details. we have lane closures coming up in my next report. >> thank you erica. kron 4 has confirmed that a bay area rap artist was one of the victims and a shooting on a los vegas strip. as catherine heenan reports of canned cherken cherry known as y clutch was one of the three people killed within the site of a landmark fountains at the bellagio hotel. >> a six car crash and they brought of bullets the police were shot. >> what happened on this trip today will not be tolerated. >> with the say began at 4:38 a.m. with a black range rover with dealer plates. >> it had tinted windows and
4:37 am
multiple black males in the vehicle. >> it pulled along the maserati driven by the rapper. >> it opened fire while the cardinals in. >> the rapper was mortally wounded he speeded through the intersection colliding with a taxicab and the cab burst into flames. you can see in this video shot. the cab driver and passenger were unable to escape. the shooters make a getaway. >> law-enforcement and southern nevada as well as neighboring states are actively searching for the vehicle and its occupants. >> catherine heenan kron 4 news. >> kron fours philipe djgeal with the rappers sun. >> my son did not have a gun. a friend in the car did not have begun. my son was not violent and that is in and that is all about that. >> the father says his 27 year old son kenny cherry
4:38 am
jr. was a good man. >> this is a look at some of his rap videos. clutch was born and raised in oakland and was making a name for himself as a rap artist in las base is. >> i try to sort things out and deal with this tragedy. this has never happened before. he is the first grandchild on my wife's side. this is a sad situation. >> clutch leaves behind three young children. his father says he does not know the details leading to his son's death. but guns haguns and to have not been involved. >> gun enforcement in america should be in for to have a lot of people that should not have guns. when you have to resolve arguments with a gun you have a real problem. >> phillipe djegal kron 4
4:39 am
news. >> about 40 students with some faculty are still occupying the administration building at city college of san francisco tonight. they're planning to stay there overnight protests in a series of budget cuts recommended by the state accreditation board. the students say they want to talk to the chancellor face- to-face to discuss options to the cuts that affect virtually every facet of the school's operations. the student entered conlan halt early in afternoon and promised to stay until their demands are met. >> we are calling on city hall to intervene by giving the proposition a funds to the school and making sure they're used for education and making sure the accreditation committee is as exposed for what they are because they're not helping the school. >> protesters were allowed to stay as long as they
4:40 am
remained peaceful. several cocampus police officers were standing by. >> we want to go live. >> we have yoli live with the latest. >> we have some of the protesters stepping up. i want to talk to delano . you have been here since 1230? >> yes. >> can you tell us what is the purpose for try to take over the building. >> we're not taking over the building we are here in solidarity and we are here in support of the fight to save our school. >> there was talk about you guys wanted to talk to the chancellor. you all have ideas about how to save the school. you have not been able to get a meeting? is that correct? >> i cannot speak for that personally but i want to see more involvement. we are looking for a stronger
4:41 am
effort for cooperation. >> thank you very much. >> by the way we're hoping the chancellor would have showed up last night. she has been missing. >> i have heard other protesters this is a big contention of the whole thing. they wanted to meet with the chancellor to express ideas and to see how to save city college and its accreditation. >> here in the interests of the building you have anywhere from 20-30 people spending the night. they will be allowed to be here as long as they are peaceful. police will not come and take people away as long as they are peaceful. there is no definite time line as to when they will leave the building. the importance here is they want to try to have open communication with administrators. they are concerned about the
4:42 am
accreditation as a community college. they are trying to save it. >> absolutely. we mention police will be in the area. have you seen any? >> yes. in fact there were 21 i drove up. capa's officers. they are basically parked outside monitoring the situation. other than that there is not a heavy police presence here on the campus. >> very good yoli . thank you for that we will continue to monitor that. we have to take a quick break will be back with more headlines in a minute.
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thyou eat weiyou lose it's a great plan... until you get hungry. that's the time to take slimful. one tasty 90-calorie slimful and a glass of water satisfies hunger for hours making it easier to eat smaller meals,
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and resist snacking. your friends might think you found the secret to losing weight. but it's no secret... it's slimful. eating less is a beautiful thing. >> we are back. >> a search for human remains associated with the speed freak killers is now
4:45 am
over the in the central valley. as kron fours j.r. stone reports. fbi agents say, they were not able to find human remains of many other victim in this case. >> were not able to locate any your remains. >> with that the search to find human remains associate with the speed freak killers can playclothes. >> 95 ft. below was excavated and searched. >> death row inmate wesley shermantine identified places where human bone fragments were located. there was nothing in his recent dig. >> i am disappointed. not because of the work that we did in the cost. there is no dollar amount you could put on what these families are thinking. >> the 6 week excavation cost $200,000. in the the
4:46 am
midst of the search shermantine for letters and the fbi was digging in the wrong spot. something agents say is not true. >> i was right where shermantine stood and he said with 70% certainty he dump bodies in this location. >> shermantine refused to meet with officials on tuesday. erica has the weather coming up for as we will stand by that. a live look at the west of span of the bay bridge. you can see the cables when up this morning as part of the project. >> we will be right @÷
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>> 4:46 is the time. in
4:49 am
national news the judge has sentenced for petersodrew petero 38 years in prison for the murder of his third wife. the swaggered former chicago police officer gain national attention after his fourth wife vanished in 2007. he was convicted of cackling davios 12,000-debt 2004 debt. by was found in a bathtub at home with a gash on her head. peterson is also a suspect in the disappearance of this for quite but has not been charged with that. he shot in the courtroom today by shouting i did not kill cackling. the judge also denied a request for a new trial. >> and avalanche at a ski resort in denver very some skiers up to their chance. it could've been tragic but everyone got out ok. that
4:50 am
includes a father and his two sons to war on the mound when the slide hit. >> i could feel my mouth and my throat. when i finally woke up there was a foot and a half-2 ft. of snow in my face. i began to dig. as fighting and it looked the family escaped with only a few bumps and bruises. 15 people were swept up in slide which was about 300 ft. wide. some people were buried over their heads and everyone got out all right. that is an amazing story an incredible pictures. >> us turn our interest to weather and traffic. >> will talk about a fatal accident erica will update us on want to begin with the forecast. the morning erica. >> good morning james taking it for cash clear skies. it is above freezing in vallejo. 37 in fairfield. low '40's in our east bay shoreline. upper bay--'30's
4:51 am
and sunnyvale. >> future cast 4 shows by 12 mainly 50s are around the heart of the bay. warmer in the north bay indicated by the green. putting the clock into motion the green growth widespread. '60s for just about everyone. a few spots clinging to the upper 50s. san francisco, a coastal communities, perhaps daily city. later tonight fifties for everyone. it will be cold. '40's with the livermore valley. >> sunshine and clear skies for the afternoon. 62 for sunnyvale. 63 in milpitas. >> 644 walnut creek. 61 for castro valley. and for haywood. upper 60s for san francisco and lows '60s for navato . san bruno 59 and 63 in oakland. >> your kron 4 7 day around the bay forecast shows we could see a little bit of
4:52 am
rain as we head into tomorrow. for rain chance will stick north of the golden gate bridge. expect cloudy conditions. temperatures on the cool side. by sunday we will have mostly sunny conditions. >> starting the next work weeks a warming trend in full effect. by thursday upper 60s for most of the bay area. >> that is your extended forecast. taking it to the traffic center. we're monitoring a potential hot spots. a sig dollar has been issued by the chp. redwood city police on the scene. looking at your peninsula right. i want to zoom in the sig alert has been issued for the 1700 block of east bay shore road. a fatal accident we are tracking. all lanes and closed. chp ward this will affect the morning commute. this could be out there for the next couple of hours as an investigation is underway. we have a crew headed to the
4:53 am
scene. avoid the area if you can. hopefully it will not affect too many of you as most of you commuting will take the bayshore freeway, highway 101. we will have more details in our next report including a live report from the scene. in the meantime of the to the approach to the bay bridge toll plaza in easy ride. there was overnight road work that is in the process of being picked up. >> traffic is building the no wait at the pay gates. >> the san mateo bridge is looking good the drive 12-30 minutes. no problems for the high rise working your way toward the 1 1/92 interchange. >> the left flank from sausalito to the toll plaza are closed. it is looking good. the drive 23 minutes from navato. >> public transit is good no place for ac transit, bart or cow train. >> thank you erica. >> a caltran .
4:54 am
>> united airlines is keeping the grounded boeing 787 off is scheduled for june fit. investigators still try to figure out what caused the battery fire. and a second battery problem last month. current flights will be postponed until released may 12th. the world's fleet of 50, 7877 grounded since january 16th. >> take a look at the next generation of cell phone. the phone is transparent. the thai won the vision of a u.s. company poly -tron technology spent six years developing this prototype. the company says, it is scratched and shatterproof. the only part of a phone that not transparent a battery of the circuit board. it should hit the market by the end of the year. and while the price is
4:55 am
top secret, it is rumored to cost less than the iphone 5. >> we are tracking a fatal accident in redwood city. that is a hot spot the erica as falling we will update you at the top
4:56 am
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>> ( male announcer): now here's stanley roberts who found some people behaving badly >> there are rats running anywhere! >> this is a richmond residents to start of all the vacant homes in his neighborhood. it is not the simple fact of holmes the wreckage and has a lot more to do with what happens when there are vacant. >> for example this apartment complex located at the end of 14th street and burbank is occupied. there is a dog inside the pickup truck cover to keep on wanted people out. they are about three locks of the
4:58 am
gate and the dog inside this pickup truck cover to keep the a wanted out. but outside the gate it has become an illegal dump site with all types of trash and furniture littering the streets. a few blocks away this home is all boarded up so no one can enter and strip the home the goal of the steps, yet another illegal dump site. next door yet another vacant apartment and zero matches is dump on the lawn. this is exactly why the city of richmond recently passed an ordinance requiring the vacant property owner to register the property with the city. so the city of richmond will know who to contact on something like this happens, this house is deemed unsafe but apparently someone kicked the front door in may be inside and on the front lawn this lovely couch, in fact couches in to be the item of choice when it comes to illegal dumping. the new ordinance will give richmond: force and just another tool to cut down on blight and it you are not aware whatwhat makes our never d look bad. these guys just finished putting a new
4:59 am
plumbing and a house that was stripped twice before but now the house is been sold. this means there is hope for some of these vacant dwellings before there is hope '30's to be helped. holding property owners' response with the help. in richmond stanley roberts kron 4 news. >> if you want to comment or have a story idea for stanley, e-mail us at people behaving badly at kron 4 .com. >> the bail hearincoming up on 4 morning news las vegas police are searching for the shooter in that fatal gun battle on the las vegas strip yesterday's and how one of the victims' was connected to the bay area. the bail hearing for olympics sprinter oscar pistorius is now in its
5:00 am
fourth day. we should know how the judge will rule. >> the lawsuit against disgraced cycle is lance armstrong to be growing. why federal investigators may be joining a whistleblower lawsuit. we will be right back
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>> (male announcer): live
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from the bay area this is the kron 4 morning news. kron 4 news at 5 starts now. >> on this friday morning top stores were following news out of redwood city a state of alert is issued following a fatal crash on east bay road. george will have the details. >> students at city college in san francisco are occupying an administration building on campus at the protest in the kron 4 morning news room listening live to court proceedings out of south africa to see if olympic blade runner oscar pistorius will be built in the charge of killing his girlfriend. > there is safe sifg alert that is issued on the frontage road on bayshore road just off highway 101 in an industrial area. the chp had been called in to investigate the fatal crash. the details which are
5:03 am
sketchy. you can see one of the chp, redwood city police department officers. the chp is assisting with the road closure and assisting the police apartment as the investigation. >> jackie sissel is live on the scene for us. good morning erica. >> happy friday. 46 in san francisco. upper '30's in concord and san carlos. >> it will be warmer as we head into the afternoon. we have a rain chance heading into tomorrow. i walked through the full details in my next report. mark. >> that you erica a developing story will following an overnight protest at city college in san francisco. the efforts to stay of credit it started yesterday afternoon. kron fours will tran is live on the same period will? >> here is the latest information they have been here since 138 yesterday afternoon in the administrative building. many of them are still sleeping. there are police
5:04 am
officers behind them. i talked to a police officer who was headed here he says what they are doing is they can stay as long as they will cause any problems up until 8:00 this morning. at 8:00 this morning and the will of the administrators at that time they would decide what to do. the students are upset because they want to meet with the school and listen to their proposals and ideas on how to keep the school running. the school has been put on notice that they did not make changes by march 15th to present their proposals to a commission that they are making changes they are at risk of losing their accreditation or being shut down. the students think they have a good idea of how to prevent that. they want to meet but so far their demands to meet have not been met. that is why they have got to this point. they are sleeping right in the middle of a hallway here.
5:05 am
that is why the building opens at 8:00 and employs start to show up the police department will have to make a decision to keep them here and escort the employes to their offices or ask them you can stay on campus but she cannot stay in this administrative building. you have to take it outside. there is a lot going on we will get reaction from the students throughout the morning. >> we will check with you shortly. >> the investigation continues into what caused the crane to collapse while there was work being done let us go to mike pelton our solo reporter. >> what is going on with the investigation? >> it is not even 24 hours passed when the crane collapsed. the crews have done a good job of cleaning up the mess. even though it is parked outside it cannot tell anything happen by just looking at the bridge. >> let us show video from our helicopter partnership with abc seven news. the crane was moving temporary
5:06 am
support from the east span when it toppled over a afternoon. the crane was sitting on a barge and never fell into the water when it toppled over. officials say it did not damage the bridge. witnesses said they were shocked to watch this. >> a huge clout crash noise. like metal falling down. it was a massive amount of the underpinning coming down. it was definitely an accident. we were hoping no one got hurt. fortunately, no one was injured when the crane collapsed. >> officials say it should not delay the opening set for labor day weekend. >> thank you mike. >> and other headlines this morning and wrong way driver was an accident involving four vehicles and fremont it shut down the area of union city boulevard between paseo and lowery and
5:07 am
new. police say, a driver was going the wrong way, when the collision happened just after 7. arden would boulevard, north of paseo padres parkway was shut down for several hours. the accident also involve a big rig but the truck was not severely damaged. right now, investigators are releasing details on whether alcohol or drugs are involved or how many people are hurt. >> we're awaiting word of south africa on whether oscar pistorius will be granted bail or not it was supposed to come down at 430 our time. but it has not. no video stream is going out right now. we have been monitoring a live audio
5:08 am
stream. right now, the judge going through details of pistorius statements to the court-what he says at a valentine's day morning. while the judge's rehashing the details, he is citing very loudly, shoulders shaking, visibly upset. the judge stop proceedings that activity was ok and he is crying and shaking as the ruling to reais are red. >ad. >> he is a police sergeant of 24 years. on february 14th he was on the scene and saw the deceased line at the bottom of the stairs. >> you are hearing the voice of chee chief
5:09 am
magistrate. >> @ 5:06 we're learning one of the three victims killed in the deadly shooting from a loss vegas strip was from oakland. you can see the video showing the fiery aftermath of the crash. now we are learning in hearing that is from the victim's father music arts is 27 year-old kenneth cherry jr. also known as kenny clutch is from oakland. he was driving a maserati when he was shot and killed at a stoplight. look at the crash and after map. that was his father you saw the picture of the video there. kenneth careherry senior. he says his son was again named for his self in the las vega's. >> we're just try to do with the tragedy in our family.
5:10 am
this never happened before. he was the first grandchild on my wife's side. this is a sad situation. >> i can say my son did not have a gun the person in the car within the not have a gun. my son was not violent and that is it and that is all about that. >> the police did find that the maserati was fired upon and there was a huge chain reaction crash with a fire. he leaves behind three young children. in the meantime las vegas police are searching for the black range rover s u v that took off after the shooting started. police say the shooting started because of an argument in the valais area of a hotel--of the aria hotel. authorities say, at least one person and a range rover shot at the maserati which then ran a red light and crash into a taxi. the taxi then burst into flames killing the driver and
5:11 am
passenger in side. >> it is5:08 . with a buwe will take a break.
5:12 am
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>> welcome back to the kron 4 morning news. >> this just in to kron 4. live pictures of oklahoma city of a deadly medical helicopter crash. two people died, one person has been taken to a local hospital, no word yet on that person's condition. and large storm system is blanketed much of the midwest and plains in snow, but it was not immediately clear if the parties believe weather played a role in the crash. >> incredibly one person did surprise this cravive this cras >> gay and lesbian couples for challenging california's ban on same-sex marriage said the constitution prohibits discrimination against them in the nation's largest day or anywhere else in america. in a brief
5:15 am
filed yesterday's, a gay groups suggest several options in their consideration of california's proposition 8 that stop short of declaring full marriage equality across the united states. gay couples as court for a marriage equality. 5:12 a.m.. still ahead with the weather heading of the country affecting 20 states in millions of people. we will have a look across the nation and how much know they got.
5:16 am
5:17 am
5:18 am
>> watching the winter storm system as it pushes across the country. here is the video uout of kansas they were buses are running again this morning after the city's transit service shut down yesterday. this is why--streets were so icy, the bus fishtailed out of
5:19 am
iled out of control, and crash into a light pole. no word on injuries and it's not clear if any passengers on board the bus at the time the crash. >> probably a better when the trouble with my foot in kansas city. >> and that's snow storm is making its way northeast today. here is more video from that storm buried in wichita a plane is stuck in the snow at the airport. while several inches of snow covered the rest of the town. there's also video the snow coming down in kansas city. and you can see it is snowing in chicago. areas of the north east aisle and southern wisconsin are expected to see up to 7 in. of snow today. >> erica has our local weather. >> good morning to you james.
5:20 am
>> blue and purple indicates where we could see snow. mainly impacting portions of michigan. >> 6-7 in. and some local school closures. with the flight delays that could impact us at as at a later today. the green and yellow on your screen in the southern half of the country indicates warmer weather. we have winter weather advisories in effect. they will not see any snow and heavy rain. we will continue to monitor this throughout the morning. in the meantime over to local weather. we are waking up to clear skies. it is dry. we are starting off this friday morning with a live look from our mount tam camera. no change in temperatures in the past hour. 33 degrees above freezing for vallejo, fairfield. 43 in daly city. >> futurecast 4 tracking numbers drop the day. mainly by 2:00 a split decision. 60s in the north bay.
5:21 am
fifties everywhere else. >> '60s will start to dominate. a couple spots in the '50s. san francisco, daly city, communities along the coastline. >> by 8:00 p.m. will mainly be in the '50s. it will get pretty chilly. we're talking '40's for the livermore valley. >> afternoon highs will be warmer and their to yesterday. 61 in fremont. mountain view's 62 in santa clara. 63 for the arden valley. east bay plenty of sunshine clear skies. 62 for richmond. 61 and hayward. >> downtown san francisco 59 and 60 in the bonavato. >> this activity is a cold front impacting the pacific northwest. that will dive south an impact us. it will approach northern california by later tonight however,
5:22 am
the system will stick to our north and east. that means we could see isolated snow showers with a greater lake tahoe area. >> in the bay area may be light rain. sprinkles for some of you north of the golden gate bridge. the rest of us was the mainly cloudy skies. temperatures on the cooler side associated with that system. >> mild weather returning to the bay area starting the next work weeks. a warming trend tuesday, wednesday, into thursday. >> temperatures climb to the upper 60s. plenty of sunshine. >> the next real rain chance may be march before march 7th. >> here is traffic with george. >> this is a live look at an incident in redwood city. this is off the freeway on bayfront road. the redwood city police department is investigating a fatal incident. they have requested the chp put out a sig alert. >> here is the area uc and
5:23 am
between the dumbarton bridge and the san mateo bridge in the midst of an industrial area. this is the bayfront expressway that comes from the dumbarton bridge. bayfront road runs along the east side of the freeway. it is also the main route to seaport road. this is an industrial area where marsh road meet 101. the potential for a hot spots exist because later in the morning there is a lot of commercial traffic we could see backups coming from the dumbarton bridge on the bayfront expressway. we could see an impact on highway 101 at the marsh road access. so far none of these problems at materialize. that may be the reason why the redwood city police department has requested the sig alert from highway patrol. >> a quick look at the bridges july traffic at the bay bridge. westbound no delays on the approach to the toll plaza. your ride to
5:24 am
the san mateo bridge looks good 11 minutes here with no problems. >> the golden gate bridge light traffic both directions for highway 101. >> thank you george watching wall street after another drop for the dow dropping almost 47 points just a day, after dropping 108 points on wednesday. wednesday and thursday's losses more of the largest to date drop in u.s. stocks for 2013. all three indexes are headed for the worst week of the year. existing home sales rose 0.4 percent last month, according to the national association of realtors however, the number of homes for sale dropped to its lowest level in more than three--13 years. the initial jobless claims rose over 360,000 last week, that was higher than economists were expecting. gloogle unveiled the chrome
5:25 am
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>>4:25 is the time. the
5:28 am
lawsuit against the disgraced cyclist lance armstrong could be growing. the head of the u.s. anti doping agency, is asking the justice department to join a whistleblowing was against armstrong. the suit was filed by his former teammate floyd landis . armstrong is accused of committing fraud against the u.s. postal service, which sponsored most of his team's effort. while armstrong was using performance enhancing drugs to win the tour de france. >> the justice the private jet to announce whether it will join the case. >> georgia as executed a 38 year-old inmate convicted of killing to college students in 1995. andrew allen cook was pronounced dead at 1122 last night. the to mercer university students were shot showtimseveral times as thy
5:29 am
set their car at a nearby lake. cook apologize to both families and the victims' families. he said he did not know either victim, and authorities said the crime was random. cook was the first inmate to be executed in the state since it changes execution procedure in july from a three-drug combination to a single dose of the seven live phenobarbital. >> still ahead, the woman says she found a finger in our food at wendy's is back behind bars again. why is facing more time in jail. as a scary incidents at the u.s. santa cruz campus, police are beefing
5:30 am
5:31 am
>> is 5:29 following a developing story out of redwood city fire and police on scene of a fatal accident. it happen in the overnight hours in the 1700 block of east bayshore road. to get you more of us go to jackie sissel. he is at the scene. we can see it is take off. what is going on jackie? >> investigators are are here from the traffic division and redwood city police department taking measurement out here on east bayshore all of 101. not a
5:32 am
lot of inflation coming out. not a lot of pictures to give you. the road is closed because of a fatal accident that happened a couple of hours ago. what we are being told is a single car at a single driver were coming down east bay shore boulevard and struck a fire hydrant. the driver of the car was ejected out of the car of the car continued down the street and ended up in a storage facility. as you can see investigators are out here. they are saying the road may be closed for several more hours as they conduct the investigation. >> this is a single car they tell the accident. when we get more formation will pass along. > we noticed there was a dsig color in connection. it does not seem to be a problem right now. >> it is a combination of both because of the early hour. this is principally an
5:33 am
industrial area. it is where bayfront wrote reaches out toward seaport road which is an industrial park. i will bring it up on the map. here is the incident. but us put this in perspective. this is the dumbarton bridge the bayfront expressway. the frontage road runs here this is where wood side road cuts into highway 101 and continues on to seaport road. >> the incident occurred right there. traffic coming from redwood city try to get to see poor road would be affected later when these industrial parks get busy. >> it could also affect the traffic coming from 101 at marsh road, woodside road, or off the freeway. >> so far no impact to traffic but is a potential hot spot for later this morning. >> erica. >> good morning george carey temperatures similar
5:34 am
to what we experienced 24 hours ago. >> into the afternoon it will be warmer '60s for everyone. tomorrow temperatures will cool we have the potential for rain in the north bay. >> stable weather continues to the bay area. warmer conditions. upper 60s as we head into next thursday. full details on your extended forecast in my next report. >> thank you erica. we are still monitoring the latest of a south african court room on whether oscar pistorius will be granted bail or not it was supposed to come down around 430 our time. but it has not. no video streams coming out right now. we have been monitoring a live audio stream. right now, the judge's court to the details of pistorius statements in court. what he says happened valentine's day. >> while the judge's
5:35 am
rehashing the details, the stor pistouius citing very loudly, shoulders shaking, visibly upset. the judge stop proceedings ask him if he was ok as is crying and shaking as the as red. >> a german official as saying defense secretary leon panetta has toldnato allies that the u.s. will leave between 8000-12,000 american troops in afghanistan in 2014, when, that ends. german defence minister thomas de maiziere told reporters friday that panetta inform them of the numbers. u.s. officials have yet to say publicly how many american jews were made in afghanistan after 2014. >> now they're 62
5:36 am
about 60,000 troops there. >> the woman behind the wendy's thinker in the chilly case in san jose has been arrested again. this is video of her court appearance back in 2006. prosecutors say and the ayala apparently lied to police to protect her son, less a previous burglary conviction and is not allowed to possess a gun. police found guadalupe jr. reyes with a self-inflicted gunshot wound to his ankle. initially reyes told officers he approached two people shot him in his ayala backed up the story. even a vivid description of the suspect. ayala , who was released from prison in 2009 after serving four years for the chilean sedan, now faces a maximum sentence of another four. >> officials at u.s. santa
5:37 am
cruz is a gun and i take the program after last week in sexual assault on campus. for the next several weeks, the universe is providing bans that could be dispatched anywhere on campus for students, faculty of visitors to needed safety escort. the vans operate from 8:00 p.m. to 245 in the morning and will help people took a bus to campus or park their car in a remote campus lot and have to walk away is back after dark. last sunday, but when you're a woman was raped and beat walking in a wooded area of the campus near the upper quarried amphitheater in the classroom unit building. >> and another reminder,
5:38 am
tomorrow, east palo alto be loaded gun bad bacbuyback for peninsula cities. police agencies from east palo alto, menlo park, a palo alto our thoughts and a gun purchase event, which will take place in the parking lot of the spousal city hall between 10:00 a.m. and 2:00 p.m.. you'll get a hundred dollars for handguns, $200 for rifle, or a shotgun, a three adults for assault weapon. >> guns will be accepted anonymously. >> oakland mayor jean quan speak out about the guidelines that oakland will have to fulfil its the team is serious about making the move to san jose. mayor quan says, the will is still not official in the guidelines are for clarification purposes. but if the athletics owner lew wolf is not willing to consider
5:39 am
sticking with oakland, others who want the team mark. >> major league baseball has not publicly commented. >> san jose's mayor chuck reed says, moving the tips and as they should be it is a decision. he says, the only question that remains is when will it happen. >> freed says " we have the site, the economics are compelling and eventually what happened. mayor read also says, he is in frequent contact with the owner lew wolf. is that while was optimistic says he is too. wolf. is that while was optimistic says he is too. >> we will takwell, well, well. growing up, we didn't have u-verse. we couldn't record four shows at the same time. in my day, you were lucky if you could record two shows. and if mom was recording her dumb show and dad was recording his dumb show then, by george, that's all we watched.
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>> one month into a second term in the poll shows president obama has a
5:43 am
majority of the country support. according to cnn 52 percent approve of how he is handling his job as president. 43 percent disapprove. the poll is an average of four national surveys of the president's approval rating conducted over the past eight days. >> president obama is welcoming japan's new prime minister to the white house. the two leaders are expected to meet later today in the oval office to reinforce their longstanding alliance a time of high tension stoked by japan tied up territorial dispute and a north korean nuclear tests. the new prime minister says he is in favor of stronger relations with washington something that is key to america's policy in asia. at other news the judge's sentence drew peterson to 30 years in prison for the murder of his third wife. the former chicago police officer gain national attention after his fourth
5:44 am
wife bess and 2007. he was convicted of kathleen saoio's 2004 death. her body was found in the bathtub at home with a dash in her head. peterson is also a suspect in the disappearance of his fourth wife but hasn't been charged with that. he shot the court room by shouting i did not kill kathleen. the judge also denied a request for a new trial.
5:45 am
5:46 am
5:47 am
♪ i -- i got it, i got it made ♪ i got it made, i got it made ♪ i got it made ♪ fresh at subway ♪ breakfast made the way i say [ male announcer ] at subway, you got breakfast made. like an under 200 calorie steak egg white & cheese. subway. eat fresh. >> by 40 5:00 a.m. and there is a similar on frontage road after a deadly crash. all traffic has been shut down on this roadway. frontage road as they investigate. we do not have
5:48 am
an hour or time when that will open. 40 people camped overnight and other protesting at city college and san francisco. there currently occupying an administration building. this has been going on since yesterday at 1230 of the afternoon. >> we're also watching the weather, a live look at mt. tam. in the east bay we are looking at about 39 degrees and concord. 63 degrees this afternoon. >> the winds were particularly bad along the coastline yesterday. right now they're pretty calm. temperatures will also be on the warmer side. will start off with a live look at the bay bridge, the twinkling lights as we take a look at temperatures on this friday morning. we're still above freezing in fairfield of vallejo. 42 degrees and
5:49 am
richmond. they're out the day by 2:00 it looks like a split decision between 60s in the north bay and set '50s everywhere else. into the afternoon temperatures will be warmer compared to yesterday and the winds will not play as big a role today. expect 60s for just about everyone. a pretty mild day on tap and by 8:00 p.m. tonight '50s and rum heart of the bay and the peninsula. the livermore valley will drop into the upper '40's. after an highs 61 hayward and fremont. satellite and radar shows the cold front that we are tracking will bring rain to the pacific northwest. it was in north of less than we could see some sprinkles tomorrow morning in the north bay. the rest of the bay area will experience
5:50 am
cloudy conditions and cooler temperatures as we head into tomorrow. and to talk over the weekend there is no change control and the fact but we will see winds and cloudy conditions for the rest of today. the potential for isolated snow showers into tomorrow and sunday at mix of sun and clouds and highs in low '40's. 7 day around the bay highlights mild forecast sunday and beyond. the gradual warming trend and by thursday most spots will be hovering in the upper 60s. the next best chance for rain occurs around march 5th. by 40 8:00 a.m. and here is george. >> updating the state a letter that is one of faxes the early morning hours and redwood city. frontage road bayshore road is right here at the east end of bayshore road. is where bay shore road becomes seaport. so
5:51 am
far no evidence, rather no slow traffic because of it. because of the potential to affect the ride on the 1 01 possibly to the dumbarton bridge. other than that an easing morning around the bay area. no other delays or hot spots and no problems getting to the bridges. the telecast back up at the toll plaza but that is at. san mateo bridge easy 11 minute drive time the golden gate bridge ride is an easy one coming from marin county and heading into san francisco. >> is getting more expensive ago the giants gains in the matter how you look at it. we talked about the meter rates being raised for ball games and now the larkspur ferry to the games you may be paid $11 each way this season. under a proposal by the golden gate bridge, highway and transportation district, a special event ferry ticket will cost $9 and there'll be
5:52 am
a $2 service fee added buy tickets .com. the special advent golden gate ferry tickets would be sold the of the severance is the giants website at san francisco giants that l m mlb .com using tickets .com. last year the one with their service be was $9.75 to $10. the district has tentatively scheduled a public hearing on march 7th on beat to dollar flat service charge per ticket weather is purchase beatrice .com, online or by phone. >> the latest testified human remains associate with the speed freak killers wesley shermantine and the late loren herzog delta locate additional victims. death row and make sure been teen had written numerous letters over the years. he previously identified locations and cal blast and
5:53 am
san joaquin counties where a human bone fragments were from last year, but nothing was recovered and the most recent date. the six week exhibition cost $200,000. in the latest effort 17 release one letter saying the fbi was digging in the wrong spot. fbi officials denied this. is that they did try to meet with them on tuesday but and he refused to cooperate and refused to meet with them. >> of fairfield man accused of killing 13 year old girl pleaded not guilty. at the neil r. jones is being charged with sexual assault and murder. -allen's body was found in the parking lot and i would would bart and their fill of february 1st. those will appear court again later this month. >> she made everyone happy, that she could saying. she sang beautifully.
5:54 am
>> of vero was out for the fairfield team yesterday at the bad news is the cemetery. the funeral was peaceful and quiet, no music, and the singing. some ballads to adorn her white casket. theater flooding as those were reflected upon the young girl was in her life but such an early age. >> i green valley middle school principal attended the funeral and said the school wasn't greatly affected by this tragedy. >> is san jose man found guilty of killing his girlfriend was saying when he committed the murder. jurors rejected peter sh ui's claimed he was insane when he stabbed lijia zheng
5:55 am
11 times what they did tonight and august of 2011. this is the same jury that found him guilty of second- degree murder on wednesday. defense lawyers had argued that shui suffered from psychosis and that he told the doctor that the victim's face transformed into the face of the devil prior to stabbing her. the jury did not buy it. a key piece of evidence that hurt his defense was the i one, worried the dispatcher that he entered his girlfriend sometimes because she kept he entered his girlfriend sometimes because she kept yelling at himwell, well, well. growing up, we didn't have u-verse. we couldn't record four shows at the same time. in my day, you were lucky if you could record two shows. and if mom was recording her dumb show
5:56 am
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5:58 am
>> we're back at 556 a m. today is not bad, how this afternoon in the low 60s but we will cool little bit tomorrow. mild weather comes back into play for the weekend and maybe even a warm-up as we head into the middle of next week. >> take a look at this. then
5:59 am
the english blood has given new meaning to the word dog sled. he is enjoying it. >> i was looking for at the tail to wag but there is no detail.tail. >> is all there cannot little sad video of the 75 lb pooch barely down a slope near kansas city missouri of bright red sled bucking all the way. he appeared to enjoy himself and of little got warm to allow a bit. lou says duke is as obsessed with his lead. bystanders level since years as a stocky fellow stepped off the sled when the ride was up. in >>


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